The Wet Shave

Now, the problem is probably as old as mankind, in the face of a man grows the hair more strongly than in the face of a woman (which is unfair, although I personally however like this more than in reverse). Sometimes in dim and distant past the women began then starting to carp on the hair in the men's face. What should the poor men do? Flint blade searched, alternatively a shell, and the hair stature, as good as possible, reduced. Cave paintings proves it: already 20,000 years ago there were bearded and beardless men. And thus then all evil began. Initially loosely in the wind blowing hair splendour became stubby. That was at that time, disliked by women as also today's women do. So cruelly the life (the women) can be. Since this time we men have a problem. How can men get the face so smoothly that the gripe has an end.

Roman Once upon atimes it happened, the razor was invented (emergency makes as well known inventive). Inventors were probably the Egyptians, with whom the razors from bronze were even also given to the graves. Centuries, thousands of years one now shaved with the razor. Shave by the way comes from latin and means as much how: scraping, scratching (rasura). Although they gave the name to the shave, with the Romans the shaving was scorned. One shaveed then only if one moved into the war. Finally such a full beard was only hindering in the fight.

Landed the largest coup on the market of the mechanical hair killers at the beginning of the 20th Century a gentleman named King C. Gilette (US patent NR. 775 134). The idea to manufacture razors with One-way-blades was not only well "lucrative for the best in the man", but also for Gillette's bank account. razor Who knows it still, which apparatuses, with which the grasp from upper section, between the curved headings a razor-blade (Rotbart i.e.) one inserted and one bent then by means of screwed on reaching into the appropriate position. The blade were also liked by the people, which had to draw with india ink on tracing paper (well to the fine correction), for a long time before CAD was invented.

Unfortunately the man is not satisfied with the result. Someone, totally confused, invented in the 30's the electrical shaver, a backward step, because what was delivered there was a shave (if one can name that at all) in such a way, which stays only a few hours. Surely, one worked since that on it, swinging head, 4 way moving head, self cleaning..., but what is the result? Compared with the blade the electrical shaver is poor, because also there one has developed further, tandem blade, triple blade, the models are nearly not to be counted, naturally among themselves not compatibly and still far from the goal of obtaining a shave as with the razor.

And thus we are, making a long story short, with the actual scope, the wet shave. Who wants to do himself and his neighbourmate (or perhaps the own life companion) once something special, he should think about the shave with the razor. Who is not completely sure, he should spend a few Marks, oh no, itīs called Euro today, to be shaved by the hairdresser once with the blade. The result is worth to be felt. Who is convinced thereafter, here are the first Tips for the self-attempt.

The most important accessory is the razor. shaving bladeHere one should be advised in a good specialist shop, the material and colour of the grasp is to the personal taste. At the same time the acquisition of a leather belt is necessary for taking the blade off, available in the same shop. Thus the basic equipment is actually already present. One can take foam also from the box (eklig). Thus is missing nevertheless still somewhat, who knows it he will never miss the shaving brush. shaving brushTip of mine: Do not save money here. Never take the 5 Euro-parts from the drugstore market. Those are meant also for laying on shaving soap, fulfil this task however only unmanageable. A shaving brush must be made of badger hair. Only these brushes are able to lay on the shaving soap so tenderly on the stressed man skin that the man feels as stroked (and that already on the early morning).

So equipped are missing actually only to a few little things: Shaving soap, Wilkinson has a good one in the plastic pot and an alum block. Both should be available in a good drugstore.

Thus now to the technique. As the first the taking off belt in the bath is fastened in such a way that one can also pull on it. At the best one so that the leather is at height of the thorax. The razor is put on opened unfold (caution, is even so already sharp) carefully in such a way and on the belts the fact that the blunt points to the shaver and tightens the blade with light pressure on the leather on itself. It is important that it becomes a small bow, so that the whole blade is pulled over the leather. Down arrived the blade is turned and pulled upward. This "procedure" is repeatednow 8 to 10 times and the knife might be now "razor sharp".

Now the preparation of the skin begins. Properly washed with hot water and soap and the pores are open and the beard hair is smooth. Now the shaving brush is moistened with hot water and filled in circling motion in the soap cup with soap (the soap pulls up by the capillary-effect into the brush and comes by easy stripping at the edge of the cup again to the hair points. And now on the skin thereby. With circling movements the face (only the part which can be shaved, not into the eyes * grins *) is in-soaped. Great, this soft brush. And now the razor comes to the course. The knife in the flat angle is put on carefully and in line direction of the whiskers (as a rule from above downward) scraped. After my experience it is at the simplest one to shave the right face half with the right hand and the left half with the left hand. If now all this is settled, the brush is used again. Thus take up hot water, soap cup and and again soap and the face with creamy foam spoil.

The next shave should take place against the gleaning direction. Here now the right face half with the left hand is shaved and in reverse. By the way, one can rinse the foam under flowing water of the blade (be careful remember to rinse afterwards beard gleaning from the wash basin) or to strip at a sheet kitchen role or toilet paper.

So, now release the face from the remaining soap with cold water and lead afterwards the alum stone across the face. Who wants can also use an After Shave. As I shave myself before showering it would be however pure waste of money.

The razor is rinsed off under flowing water and dried carefully. The shaving brush rinsed out under flowing warm water that no more soap is in the brush and kept hanging. Standing, there then the water never runs into the brush grasp and dissolves the glue, which holds the hair together. Small tip at the end, for safe transportation on the way one can put the brush in a sticking role from the toilettenpapier.

So, I hope I could bring some among you to it, the first step, the step to the hairdresser to convince oneself for a quality shave. Who knows this, one will become a fan of this method very fast, I am it for years. If someone has additional questions, then simply send a Mail to me .

So, and now much fun wishes

Ulli from

© Ulrich Hoffmann 2003