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Spanish Stairs and view overRome Engelsburg, Castell San Angelo, Rückzugsburg der Päpste Petersdom, Petersplatz and Paul Dinner is very good here Piazza Navona und Vier-Ströme-Brunnen Das Pantheon, die Begräbnisstätte der italienischen Könige Colonnaden Platz und Mark Aurel Säule Trevi-Brunnen Quirinale, der Sitz des Staatspräsidenten Monument des Vitorio Emanuele Fori Imperiale Forum Romanum Colosseum

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Rome - a short vacation

All Saints Day is also here in the Slovakia a holiday and this year also a Friday. So, adding a Monday for holiday and for a short vacation use a long weekend.

Said done, fast we decided, Rome should be the goal. On Wednesdays a halfway payable hotel into Rome booked by Internet and then on Friday at half past 6 we started

It was cold and foggy, thus a correct All Saints´ Day as usual. The advantage of early driving off was, at the border to Austria there was no traffic and also on the motorways was only little traffic. Like that we were good hope, to make approximately 1,200 km within 10 - 11 hours.

Only at the border to Italy there was little delay; because of a economic meeting in Italy the Schengener agreement was set out for this time out of strength and there, despite intra-European border, was controlled. Until here, short behind the Austrian city of Villach, we saw nearly nothing by the alps, everything disappeared in the mist, but now, the motorway leads by a alpine valley, after a few tunnels, the sun was shining and the thermometer rose from 6 to 16 degrees.

The motorway bears past on so well known names as: Udine, Venice, Pisa, Bologna and Florence to Rome.

Our hotel IBIS was located outside of the GRA (Grande Raccordo Annulare) and was relatively easy to find. Thus the car parked, rooms referred and freshly made and on to Rome. Fortunately the hotel offers its own feeder up to the metro and we had the luck to be still in time. The feeder bus brought us to the station Anagnina. This station located from our hotel about just as far, as the town centre, because theMetro-Net in Rome consists only of 2 lines. The line A leads from the southeast (Anagnina) to Battistini in the northwest and the line B from Laurentina in the southwest after Rebbibia in the northeast. einfaches Ticket Both lines cross in Termini, the main station of Rome.

In the Metro station we bought the tickets then also for the return trip. The simple ticket costs 77 cent and applies 75 minute in one direction to metro and bus.

For the first evening we have not made too much, only a little to look around and looking for something for dinner. We drove thus up to the station Spagna, and left the Metro station in the middle of a crowd. It was as Saturday on the Christmas markets, so crowded.

Spagna at night Approximately over the whole noble business of Rome is settled near the Spagna, which looks regarded from down and close not at all so great. Here nearly every brand that is ranked and named in the mode scene is located: Guzzi, Prada, Tiffany and which occurs to one otherwise still in such a way.

More difficult it is there to find a restaurant in which the prices are also still payable then (in case of emergency there are 2 of the shops with the large M in the proximity). We became successful then nevertheless still in a side street, a "genuinely Bavarian restaurant". Those poured out even still "Bavarian Wiesenbier".

What does one eat in such a restaurant in Rome? For sure a Pizza. The Pizza was distinguished, the beer was really good. The shock came then with the Bill. Each beer was just as expensive as a Pizza, 5 Euro. That was then nevertheless somewhat high, for 4 beer 20 Euro plus 10 Euro for 2 Pizza. We realized then during the next days that this is a standard price for Rome. Therefore here already once the preliminary warning, Rome is expensive, even a Cappuccino or a Espresso are not available below 2.60 Euro. Nevertheless, it is in November in the evening still pleasantly warm.

Since we became slowly tired, we went back 18 stations with the Metro and the remainder with the bus to the hotel. In the hotel we granted ourselves then still a beer, only 3.80 Euro, and then quick into the bed. Tomorrow we should start early to our inspection route through Rome.

2. Day

For sure, somewhat risen, since from the journey completely kill, it goes too late to the morning shower and than to the breakfast. A genuine disappointment. The breakfast was more than poorly and the coffee brackish, thus again breakfast with tea, then one can reread in the travel guide, breakfast is allegedly in all hotels similarly bad. One goes into a bar and drinks a Cappuccino here in the morning.

It was now meanwhile nearly 10 o'clock and the next feeder is of at 11 o'clock. Thus to the bus stop marched, the 20's drives every 10 minutes.

At the bus stop then the next failure. The bus driver does not sell tickets and has also not the smallest idea, where one could get tickets. Tanja is already nerved. Thus the 5 minutes back to the hotel and there inquiries made. Tagesticket Fortunately the young woman at the counter sells tickets to us and explained that there is no chance to buy tickets in the proximity anywhere.

With our freshly acquired tickets back again to the bus stop and with the bus to the Anagnina. Here naturally immediately daily tickets, also for the next day, bought. The daily ticket costs 3.10 Euro and applies in all public means of transport in Rome.

Eistüten in verschiedenen Größen und mit verschieder Dekoration Thus again to the Spagna and a Café entered, in order to get a reasonable coffee. However the decoration of the ice bags is a poem.

From here we made ourselves then on the way to the Fontana di Trevi. On the way there was also still another book shop, which had a Marco Polo of Rome, in Austria travel guides had then been banished already in the warehouse and exchanged against Chrismas Bakery and so on.

After the usual "quarrels", where now the correct way is and how the plan to be read is (women turn the plan, in order to be by right) I proved me as the "more intelligent one" and gave way, since I have also no desire to use each and every time my eyeglasses. After few small erring and detours over Piazza Colonna we arrive then nevertheless still, after I used my eyeglasses, at Fontana di Trevi.

Well, may be that in my imagination this should be more bigger. The well is set before a building front (of any Pope naturally - clearly, the boss was born in a stable, there naturally the subordinate personnel must live in splendor and buildings of showing off) and the place is taken to the half by the well. At first sight the well is not to be seen, since the water surface lies below ground level and is covered by crowds of people.

Occasionally one hears the sound of a trill whistle. That comes from the "policemen", who are awake over the fact are that no money is thrown into the well. One whistles however only if the money already is in the water. I assume that there are no policemen, who are awake there, but arbitrator pupils, who can practice unimpaired the correct tone here on the trill whistle.

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