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Slovenský Betlehem

The Slovak Betlehem is located close to Zilina in Rajecké Lesná. It is famous for the carved representation of all slovak landscapes and characteristics.

The Slovenský Betlehem is in a separate building with the church of the birth of the virgin Maria.

Slovensky Betlehem, the slovakian crib, was carved by the woodcarver Jozef Pekara from Rajecké Teplice from 1980 to 1998. For inspection it was released on 26 November 1995. The length is 8.50 meters, the width of 2.50 meters and the height amounts to 3 meters.

Many of the figures move, propelled from 4 windshield wiper motors. The transmission to the figures takes place by means of drive belts and bicycle chains.

We had luck with our attendance, it were straight empty and the friendly gentleman in the picture down were so friendly to let me also a view throw behind the window blinds.

For the first time I used not only the pictures of my digital camera, but also drew some pictures of the video.

Enough of the words, looks at the pictures, which are to obtain an impression of it. The explanations take place via the MouseOver.

Slovenský Betlehem The crip Overview Overview
Overview Overview Overview Overview
Overview Tanja and me in front of the scenery Overview Overview
a look behind A look behind Overview, in the front the vineyards of Modra Overview
Nový Most in Bratislava Piestany Overview The crip Detail of the crip
Traditional folkmusik traditionals from Terchová Buildings from Eastern Slovakia Traditional Jobs from Eastern Slovakia
Sheeps and their master Proud deer farmers life Cicmany
winegrowing winegrowing winegrowing" Cicmany
Keramik aus Modra Ceramics  Blacksmith Width= Blacksmith
Pilgrims on their way to Rajecká Lesnà washing day the crip in the centre The friendly man explains the work

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