March 1st 2003
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Carneval - Fasching - Fasiangy
Bratislava - Bratislavské

This year the rare days of holiday are already planned, so we couldnīt go to Cologne, we stayed here in Bratislava :(

Who is originated from Rhine he will understand our sadness. Who is infected with the Virus Karnevalensis ( here you can see an enlargement: Virus Karnevalensis ) misses the 5th season. Who in addition has a Grandma from Cologne and so a genetic defect related to the carnival is able to understand my feelings far away from Cologne here in Bratislava.

I promise, next year we will be in Cologne!!!

But, nevertheless, here in Bratislava we have carnival, Fasiangy called, too. On 1st of March the big parade was in downtown. For sure, no carnival at Rhine, no Kamelle (sweets) and no Alaaf or Helau, but the audience enjoyed, so we did.

Look at the pics below to see what happened.

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