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Second part of our first day in Barcelona

From the Sagrada Familia the bus drives toward Parc Güell. This park plant, built by Antonio Gaudi, the architect who built multiplicity of the objects of interest of Barcelona.

Originally a garden city should develop here, these however was fortunately never built. In the middle in the park is also the house of Antonio Gaudi, which is to be visited today as Museu Gaudi.

The ascent from the bus stop to the park is rather cumbersomely, the park however compensated for the troubles.

The dragon Python Actually we wanted to make also the mandatory photo of Tanja with the Dragon Python in the park Gueell, but the crush was too large, we bought for it as reconciliation a small reproduction from porcelain.

After the park we walk back then to the bus stop, this time downhill. Since the Parc Gueell is the third station behind the Placa de Catalunya, we have on the remainder of the round route, which the busses make unfortunately only in one direction, already as a review a small overview of the goals of the next days.Hotel Duques de Bergara

In the hotel only fast refreshed and then on the La Rambla or better Las Ramblas, since several Ramblas line up there. Ramblas is something like the "strolling-lane" of Barcelona. On the left and on the right the road and in the center the broad pedestrian zone.

On La Ramblas beware of pickpockets. Tanja observed one thereby, as it tried to pull a purse out if someone's hip pocket , fortunately unsuccessfull.Pantomime

Well-known are Las Ramblas also for the Pantomimes, "artist" that look like "petrified" figures and that expect a few cents for their performance.

We walk down the Ramblas on the search for a food restaurant. Of coursethere are plenty of them, but nearly everything quite overfilled. Interesting the ham has to be regarded, which hangs here in many restaurants from the ceiling.

Easterprocession Since Easter is close, we have luck and see also one of the many processions in the Eastern Time. The men's outfit with the hoods reminds somehow of the Ku-Klux-Klan.

We found then nevertheless still another small restaurant, in which we enjoyed a selection at Tapas. Subsequently, then into the hotel, to that hotel bar still another Sangria was drunk and then to bed.

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Forward to day 2

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