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Unser 3. Urlaubstag

Today we could sleep a little bit longer, the first bus direction Sagrada Familia goes at 9 o'clock. After the breakfast we go to the bus stop and were getting still the first bus, although that is no problem, as the busses leave every 10 - 15 minutes. Bus Touristic

Because of the light rain, I trust in the weather forecast, at noon it will become again beautiful, we sit down downward, some incessant must naturally on the "free seat". It goes past at Casa Batllò and Casa Milá and it shows up that we had yesterday uncanny luck. Shortly after 9 o'clock the people already stand for queue there.

The next station is the Sagrada Familia. In the meantime moving stopped, the sky shows up friendly and we have nearly no queue in front of us. We use the coupons, which belong to the bus route, and pay for a guided tour only as much, as one pays usually for simple entrance.
To Sagrada familia belongs also a little museum, showing drawings, models and detailed drawings of Sagrada Familia.

Gaudi´s Grave To the museum we have still the building hut for the Sagrada, which was in its original destination a school building for the children of the near. By the duration of the guidance so much time passed that at the elevators, which bring the visitors on the towers, long queues formed. Bad luck.

Subsequently, we then still entered the chapel, in which Gaudi lies buried. Since it is Easter sunday, this is naturally calm up to the last place occupied, thus, in order not to disturb the service, the grave searched, a photo made and again to fresh air.

Meanwhile already again midday and we decide this time to eat a Pizza into a close convenient Fastfood "Restaurant ". The Pizza was OK, although nevertheless quite too expensive.Pantomime

Thus further again to the bus stop, past at the pantomimes, not only at Las Ramblas, and with the bus to the Mont Juíc. Since the Mont Juic is part of the blue route, we drive to the Francesc Marciá Diagonal, one of points of transfer between the two lines, with the red line.

At the stop at the Museu Nacional d´ Art de Catalunya 3 pairs enter, which come to the language from Saxonia. When we passed by the Olympic park, a loud call: "There! There one breaks in into yours mobile home!" OlympiastadionThe stop at the olympia stadium is some hundred meters further. The 6 falls from the bus and back direction their mobile homes. Unfortunately we could not see what happened. We stepped out and looked around a little bit in the olympia area .

Torre de Calatrava, der tv-tower of Barcelona at the Olympia area The olympia area was established for the Olympiad here 1972. Highly above Barcelona, in beautiful weather one has a marvelous prospect over the city.

One of the landmarks of the leisure area at the Mont Juíc is surely the futuristically arranged TV tower Torre de Calatrava. The tower is by the way named after its architect Santiago Calatrava.

cable car at Mont Juíc After a view the inside the olympia stadium, which could unfortunately not be visited because of an event, we then walked toward cable car, Telefèric, with which we then went upward to the Castell de Mont Juic.Harbour Cable Car

Back we went again with the cable car and from there further to the Harbour Cable Car, which connects the Mont Juíc with the old harbour Port Vell.
The crush here was not as large as expected, so that we could drive with the next car towards port.

The following Pics show some prospects from the cable car.

Mont Juìc Mont Juìc Mont Juìc Mont Juìc
Mont Juìc Mont Juìc Mont Juìc Mont Juìc

Port Vell
We walked then along the Port Vell, over Las Ramblas to the hotel, quick refreshed and a restaurant for the dinner searched.

Back to the hotel, as usual a sangria and then to bed.

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