Chain letters and Virus fakes (Hoaxes)

Who does not know them "begging letters", virus false alarms (Hoaxes), unrequested sent films, AVIs,mpegs, presentations etc. or the Mails with terribly elaborated backgrounds, with which then 300 byte content with 100 kByte paper background is sent. I do not use a 7,5-tons truck for buying rolls.

Meanwhile I am nerved, because it does not pass a day, where not at least one Mail with such a mischief is to be found in my mailboxes.

I do not have the time and also not the desire, to check in my p.o. box, what arrived to delete the mischief and to load down then the remainder. This is done for my by Outlook automatically.

This may be meant completely dear and nicely by the senders, in reality it however increases only my on-line costs. They are overloading also the InterNet and the Mailservers. Imagine, the InterNet could be very quickl, if the unnecessary Mailtraffic would be avoided?

It cannot nevertheless concern that one of my mailboxes is not sufficient on some days with 6 MByte, by which 5.9 MByte is then deleted, because they fall into the category specified above.

In order to reduce at least the mischief with the chain letters and the Hoaxes, I know, many try, I putted together some the most frequent chain letters and Hoaxes here.

Sorry for the fact, that only some of the content is in English, but most of the letters I receive are in German.

Usually it is very easy to detect Hoaxes:

- The Att contains expressions such like Virus Warning or similar
- The recipient is asked to send this mail to others
- The effect of the virus is described as dramatically
- Source of the warning is a wellknowen firm or organisation
- Often you will find something like yesterday, Friday without exact date

None of the named firms and organisations has ever sent such a letter. Real Virus warnings are never sent by e-mail!

Below you will find a list of about 40 Chain letters and Hoaxes.

navigation is very easy, click on the name and you are directed to the description. At the end of each description is a link back to the list.

Trotz der intensiven Bemühungen die Verbreitung solcher unsinniger Warnungen zu stoppen, werden solche Kettenbriefe nach wie vor versandt. In einigen Fällen wurden Warnungen vor dem "Good Times" sogar durch Tageszeitungen und Radio verbreitet.