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Some facts about me

Ulli and his 1st day at school

Well, this is how I looked like on my first day at school, spring 1957 in Hamm.

Born on a wonderful day in May 1952 in Hüsten (official Name has been Neheim-Hüsten II, but I am Hüstener). After a short time spent in Arnsberg my parents moved together with my little brother and me to Hamm in Westfalia. There this high artistical picture was taken (donīt grin, dress with short trousers was the "Sonday best" of a boy in those days). Years later I finished my school and started a vocational training for telecommunication technicians in Dortmund. During this time I came back to my old love, to make musik.

This picture shows me at the age of 17.

    Ulli at 17 and his guitar
Ulli and the Oldies

Also later I could not stop making Musik

Our band was called "Oldies" and we played on Parties, Weddings, Carneval and other occasions.

Guildo Horn und me in Cologne 2003

Even today I canīt stop it. The pic shows me singing on a BBQ-evening and I my "singing" was accompanied by this young man, who stated for Germany at the Grand Prix and reched the place 7.

Businesswise my career started. 1992 I moved from Dortmund to Bonn, to work at the Headquarters of my employer. After some years in IT-projects, in 1996 the adventuresomeness started and I went for 2 1/2 years to Saudi Arabia, where I worked as an Advisor.

As you can see, time passed but I felt so well to start the adventure again and my "company" sent me again abroad to work with our subsidiary in Slovakia.

Here you can see me with Tanja at the nonmedical praktitioners ball on the 16th of June 2001 in Karlsruhe

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