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Last Update: 11. Frbruary 2003

Our Trip to Egypt 2002

In September 2002 Tanja and I spent our anual holidays in Egypt.

You can participate (virtually) in our trip and watch some pictures from our tour.

Within this two weeeks we took 2.325 digital photos und 144 paper photos. It is not possible to show you all but a small selection is available here.

So have fun reading our stories about Egypt.

After the link section you will find a summary and some tips for travelling to Egypt.

Here at the summary of our report on the journey I would like to seize everything again together.

Altogether it was a supervacation, except from the return flight, but one can have sometimes bad luck with the airline. We will book a journey, with which the flight is operated by Lauda Air in no case again.

But now to the details of the journey. The Nile cruise was OK. The ship had only 4 stars, but it was appropriate and served its purpose. Three stars I would not book, we had by such ships to go through several times, that was a difference such as day and night. We have also seen ships of 5 stars, very big differences. As said, never under 4 stars.

In any case one should book All-inclusive "on the ship". The prices on board are nevertheless rather high and one sits in the evening sometimes times longer at deck and drinks one and an other beer. Also with the trips one needs a lot of water. That is then all "All-Inclusive". The difference in prices between half-board, board and All-Inclusive is not so big and with 2 beer and 2 Ouzo in the evening already one is with All-Inclusive with the price comparison on zero.

Carry in any case sufficient water forward with the trips. It seems to one amusingly, but one should drink 2 bottles of water per person and half day already at least. The trips actually are already arduous something and not the pure recovery, early rise, it is hot and one need already firmer footwear (no tracking boots)

With the hawkers at the objects of interest only one thing helps: "La, schukran", no, thanks! The goods are manufactured and also guaranteed in no case in Egypt and no manual work!

Special caution is announced also with papyrus pictures. Either the papyrus is not genuine or it concerns prints or both.

Who cannot resist nevertheless, haggle over the price, haggle over the price and haggle over the price again! In no case more than 10 % of the trade price, there the dealer does still a good business and you become not too much tricked

With the graves and temples one always finds Egyptians, who show beautiful motives. This should then also with 2 - 3 LE to be recompenced, more would be inadequate.

Topic photograph, who drives to Egypt would like naturally also appropriate photos to bring home. One should buy films in the homeland. There one saves plentifully, depending upon film consumption. For the graves one needs at least 400 ASA, better still 800 ASA. Inside flashlight is forbidden and stands bring along is either forbidden or costs 50 LE additionally. Only in the valley of the kings it is forbidden to film, otherwise everywhere permitted. Because of the following motives Hatschepsut among other things the video should always be carried forward, however in the valley of the kings leave the camera in the bus. Who wants to photograph needs a photo ticket for the graves, at the entrance for 5 LE/grave.

The photos you can let develop quite inexpensive in Egypt, I recommend however to do not, develop the films in the homeland and order then also direct a development with CD. Then you have the possibility of repairing the color distortions by the lighting in the graves with a software for digital pics.

For those, who take up their pictures digitally, either sufficient memory cards carry or, it seems to me more inexpensive, a mobile harddrive, image tank o. ae. Then one has to have no fears to have not enough storage.

For underwater pictures one should bring along, depending upon own conceptions, one-way cameras from the homeland, in Egypt they are impudently expensive. Make please however no all too large hopes for the image quality. Who would like more, I recommend one so called All-weather camera with inserted flash and adjustment possibility for close-ups. Who wants still better pictures, in the diving stations one can also rent underwater cameras.

Notes of 1 Pound is apparent goods in short supply. One should change oneself an appropriate amount in a bank. Watch out also with the notes. For the untrained one it is not so easy to recognize, whether it concerns 50 LE or a 50 Piaster note, in the case of doubt it it is written in English on the back. When buying watch out and count the change exactly!

The additional offers of the travel guides, perfume factory (itīs only a shop, it is lied), papyrus museum (see perfume factory), spice dealer in the Souk, stone-cutters, gold museum... are pure sales tours and an attempt of the guide to improve its cash by a few per cent further. Unfortunately one cannot avoid this. So, participate and buy nothing. If all act in this way, then these things are not offered any longer.

Subsequently, to the Nile cruise one should spend oneself one week vacation. Usually Hurghada. Never book in Hurghada, north or south of it the sea is more beautiful and the Hotel areas more quiet. Here I can only guess instead of booking 4 stars All-Inclusive rather 5 stars and half-board. During the day one nevertheless is on the way and if it becomes later in the evening, with 5 stars there are dinners also after 9 o'clock provided.

The Euro is taken in any case everywhere gladly, same applies to the dollar and naturally, in the business or at cash-point dispensers, Master- and VisaCard. EC-Cards are not accepted by the ATMs, since these accept only cards with Cirrus however none with Maestro

Problems there are actually only with the Egyptian Pound (LE), nobody wants that.

What is theprice now for such one vacation. Completely differently, ever after where and when one booked. In any case, one should take at least 50 - 60 % of the travel price additionally into account.

So and now much fun in Egypt. Who does not want to travel there, here he can see a little bit.

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