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Nigeria Connection

In addition to Hoaxes and Chain Letters there are mails that try to cheat you.

Well known omong these is the so called "Nigeria Connection". There are several types of this mail available but the result will be always the same, they want YOUR money.

To make the Internet aware of this I am publishing here the last one I got today. Beleave it or not, a lot of users tried to make the easy money and lost theirs. Unbeleavable but true.

This kind of fraud is so often that even the German Foreign Office on its Website gives advises against the "Nigeria Connection".

na other Website lists the different kinds of letters, sorted by the senders.

That this works perfect, several Internet Banks were established, fakes but looking well. One example related to the Nigeria Connection you can find here .

So, if you receive a letter from the "Nigeria Connection", delete it, itīs not worth to be stored.

Here now my last "Nigeria Connection" offer to become rich, I got at least one dozen during the last 6 months.