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The 11th of September 2001

WTC kurz vor dem 2. Einschlag

Hardly no event changed the world of our days in such a way like the 11th of September 2001. Everyone was at first frightened. I can remember still exactly, as a colleague called and asked me in the afternoon whether I know the newest news. I answered "No" and he said only: "America is in the war".

The web pages with news have been hardly accesible. Only slowly was to be recognized, what happened there in New York. It was too unbelievable and unreal.

Today, 20 months later, after the Iraq war, that with unreal reasons and after the restrictions, which the civil rights experience world-wide, increases of doubts about the official version arise.

I published some times ago an article and a link to this on my page, my doubts increased after a TV-dokumentation in the Westdeutscher Rundfunk on June 20 under the Title: "WDR-dok: "Aktenzeichen 11.9. ungelöst" - Lügen und Wahrheiten zum 11. September 2001".

In this the authors Willy Brunner and Gerhard Wisnewski describe the activities of the critical America and try, unite to follow the open questions to 9-11.

Meanwhile there are a lot of pages in the net, which critically concern themselves with these questions. The page is only one among others that looks for answers on open questions

Particularly the history of the flight UA93, which fell down close to Pittsburgh found my interest. The reports of eye-witnesses and after the explosion made pictures do not show anything from an airplane, similarly as with the pentagon. All which was to be seen after the testimonies, was an approx. 6 meter deep krater. Where are the remnants of the airplane, which would be scattered nevertheless with a crash in far periphery? Questions over questions.

I would like to make only a small selection available of these sides here, so that everyone can place himself his own questions. For me simply too many questions are open, explanations too illogically and I ask myself whether the only possible answer to the unsettled questions can be really true.

Meanwhile I think the secret services are capable of everything, exactly like the Bush administration. Meanwhile I have the feeling that George Orwell remains still far behind the reality 2001 with his "1984".

Who wants to read the chronology on September 11, this Link leads to it.

Here are now the promised links:

The links lead to further documents.

Die Flüge am 9.11.
Sketch on the flights of 9.11.
Sketch from

Who looks at the deviations from the air-routes, he asks himself why the air-control did not recognise anything?

Here again the flight tracks:

The flights to Twin Towers
Die Flüge auf die Twin Towers
The Flight that ended close to Pittsburgh
Der Flug,der bei Pittsburgh endete
The flight to the Pentagon
Der Flug aufs Pentagon

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