23rd of April 2003

2 Years UllisWelt - Online

Now it happened, since 23.04.2003 UllisWelt is for 2 years online. This should be a good reason to make a little bit statistics.

The following graphic shows the development of HTML-calls on my Website. Shown are the HTML-calls per week.

As one can see, was the matter to in the middle of 2002 as well as nothing. Each week 30 - 40 accesses, from which half for sure came from me. Understandably, because each Web master, who placed his side in the net, waits longingly for visitors.

I began in the middle of the last year when I started to publish pictures from Slovakia. This was the beginning of the rising numbers of visitors.

Until than I had about 1.500 accesses, now, 8 months later I have above 15.000.

At Eurocounter I am normally located with the private German-language sites between place 20 and 30, best placement 12, and at Nedstats I am among "Society general" at places 40 - 60.

The first high point was then the Danube flood at the 14.08.2002. By some linking on my side; I had one of the few sides with current pictures of the Danube flood in the Slowakei, I had the first maximum of 131 visitors on one day. Many Slovaks, which live abroad, have visited my site and inquired information also by E-Mail. Even Swiss a newspaper called UllisWelt.com as source of information for this.

After the flood the numbers of visitors decreased back to 50 - 60 per day.

This changed again after our Egypt vacation. I announced my side at some Travel sites and the numbers of visitors rose constantly.

I had the maximum of 191 accesses shortlyly before the outbreak of the Gulf War. Reason was a side with Bush words, which I had published in September 2002, actually under the heading: Stories to smile.

I could not expect at that time yet, what the cowboy president would arrange, but I was at that time one of the first, that had taken care of this human. Meanwhile my collection, which I have also only "stolen", is to be found on many sides. Some they took over, others added something in such a way.

In any case, this page and my comments on Bush led to the past record of 191 visitors. UllisWelt is thus also "winner" of the Iraq war, although I would have done gladly without it.

But whats about the further statistics?

UllisWelt uses now 65 MB on the server. This are 520 HTML-pages, with about 2,1 MB HTML-Code. This codeis made with Ulli Meybohms HTML-Editor and not with a code-generator.

Weekly about 5.400 HTML-pages are called. This means a weekly volume of 50 - 100 MB.

The accesses are coming from cca 800 different IP-adresses. On average from the 520 pages 370 different pages were called.

Apart from the current sides there are so-called bread and butter sides. Sides those to be called again and again. To the pages belonging to those is Nassrasur, the page with Hoaxes und at the moment the page with the speedtest.

Among the search engines, which are used to find UllisWelt, Google (com, de, at, ch) with 58 % is the top.

89 % of my visitors come from Europe, 46 % from Germany, 25 % from Slovakia, 9 % from Austria, 4 % from the USA and 3 % from Switzerland. The remainder are from on the remaining world.

Interesting is also the kind of the used Browser. Because of the point is the IE to 6 with 46 % followed from the IE 5 with 24 %. Only 7.3 % of the visitor use the Netscape in the version 4 or 5. Netscape 7 does is not listed among the first 10 used Browsern.

The access statistics shows also that UllisWelt is called by many visitors during the working hours. On the weekends the number of accesses is 20 - 30 % lower than at working-days.

So, that was a short composition of history of UllisWelt. I hope, it was not too boring, but I am also a little bit proud in certain respects on my side.

Greetings from Bratislava


Ulli out of UllisWelt