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January 5, 2004

Having a lot of work some time was not to be found to put anything new on UllisWelt, it is now time to publish something new. Our summer vacation in September/October comes certainly also soon, but this time there are the experiences during our trip with Safari to Kenya published. The first three days are online and the remainder follow shortly.


06. September 2003

The hot days are gone and now I have again a little time to do something to the homepage. This time there is a report of the Grand Prix of Hungary 2003. Tanja and I carried out the attendance of this event for us and our impressions are here or under the menu item Others/Hungaroring to be found.


12. August 2003

Only 1 month more and the September 11 is two years ago. In the meantime the Bush Administration used the events as a reason for 2 wars however the clearing-up of the open questions worries nearly nobody.

This Link leads to a Wepsite about a documentation of the German TV-Station WDR with the title: "9/11 File Unsolved: September 11, 2001 Lies and Truth". There you can find also the complete transcript of this documentation.

Contemplative greetings from Bratislava


17th of July 2003

As an operator of a Web Site one already experiences some fun. In addition, some is not so merry. Thus occasionally insults emerge in my mailbox, because the pictures on my site cannot be "stolen" so simply :)) .

The copyright does not seem to apply to the InterNet. But where is the problem, if someone wants to use a picture from my site, a Mail to me and generally he will get the permission for a free use on private pages. With commercial sides it looks differently. Particularly since the protection of pictures and contents is only relative in the net, who wants to steal something will be able to do this in the one or the other way.

New for me was bandwidth stealing. A webmaster did not steal my files, he linked to the files on my webspace in his files. It is not noticeable thus at first view that the files on their Web space were not located on his webspace. The own trafficvolume is saved and an other Webmaster must pay the costs in the worst case for the data communication.

In my case it was a file with approximately 150 KB, over 200 times called weekly and approximately 100 calls came not from UllisWelt but was bandwidth stealing. Volume of data adds up then loosely on 60 MB in the month. Surely, that is not yet much, but the thief, who equips its side with some of these stolen links, gets volume of data-transmission free of charge.

Fortunately there are relatively simple possibilities of preventing this. Some tips and hints for this and how one protects himselve from "walk-by thieves" of pictures I placed this page under the Webtools.

Greetings from Bratislava


30th of June 2003

A private homepage is also a possibility of communicating ones different critical thoughts.

After I already published a paper and a link here about 9.11., a documentation of the WDR 3 at 20.6.2003: "WDR dok: "Aktenzeichen 11.9. ungelöst" - Lügen und Wahrheiten zum 11. September 2001" my doubts about the official version about 9-11 were further fed. Therefore I decided to publish some more links about this here.

Contemplative greetings from Bratislava


28. June 2003

To be not always only serious, I added some rules for women from men to the Funny corner.

I also added a picture to Ulli himself. Have fun

LG aus Bratislava


26. June 2003

The first part of our shorttrip to Rajecké Teplice is finally available, the Slovenský Betlehem. This Link directs you to the page.

LG aus Bratislava


4th of June 2003

Something happened, that I never expected, I translated the Story of Cachtice and of Erzsébeth Báthory. For those of you interested in this, here is the link.

Greetings from Bratislava


3rd of June 2003

It is done, our Barcelona vacation is completed. Now I can start with Rajecke Teplice and the Slovak Bethlehem.

It makes me proud, that the number of visitors now exceeded the number of 20,000. Thanks to the visitors and special thanks to those who found their way into my guest book.

Greetings from Bratislava


1st of June 2003

The third day of our Barcelona vacation is finally available. The continuation follows ASAP.

Greetings from Bratislava


30th of May 2003

The second day of our Barcelona vacation is finally available. The continuation follows as soon as the 30° allow this *ggg*

Greetings from Bratislava


28. May 2003

So slowly but surely the Barcelona pages show progress, the second day has some additions. The continuation follows as soon as possible.

Greetings from Bratislava


19th of May 2003

The first part of our Barcelona trip is now available. The rest will follow soon.

This link leads you to informations about the activest and newest viruses.

Greetings from Bratislava


18th of May 2003

The Slovaks votet on the last weekend for the membership in the EU. The turnout was 52.15 %. 92 % support the EU membership, only 6.2 % were against.

Greetings from Bratislava


15th of May 2003

A small addition, the wet shave is now also available in english.

Greetings from Bratislava


05. May 2003

As Barcelona takes more time than expected, I updated the pages about Cicmany.

Greetings from Bratislava


23. April 2003

Well, it happened. UllisWelt is now online for 2 years. Due to this fact I made a little summary about the last two years, you can find it here.

So I have to express my thanks to al my visitors, they made UllisWelt so successful.

Greetings from Bratislava


13. April 2003

Last week I recognised, from Devin, the "National Sanctum" of Slovakia, was nothing on my web page available. I was sure, it is described, but no, nothing available.

Some pics and a little bit of text is here and at Slowakei/Burgen available.

Greetings from Bratislava


09. April 2003

It is done, our Rome trip is completed.

The war in the Iraq seems to reach its end. The weapons of massdestruction, which were stated as reason for this war, so far nothing was found. I am however sure, they "will be found" for sure by the US Army. I am also sure, that the find will be medium-effectively presented. It is nearly guaranteed that the Murdoch Media, Fox and Cie, will be present.

Meanwhile I cannot avoid no more the idea, the conspiracy theories concerning 11th of September are probably not pure phantasy. I recommend to everyone, who is interested in it, to click here and to read the text, unfortunately only as translation to german avalable.


06. April 2003

Today I did once again something to my Homepage. The small Intro on the index side is nice. The page looked for me always somewhat statically.

New is also the Guest book. After on the average nearly 100 visitors come on my side, the number of guest book entries holds itself within limits. Perhaps it is also because of the layout of my old guest book. Therefore I decided to try another guest book. I took over the old entries.

Perhaps also someone gives me once a feedback about the guest book.

I closed my on-line Shop, since I made so far thereby 0 euro revenues. Likewise the Newsticker disappeared, since nobody used it.

At the item Schmunzel I added a little PDF-file about Bush & Co in the way mouse stories were told. Lots of fun.

The older news arestored among Old News

Who is interested to become informed about changes and pieces of news in UllisWelt, I recommend the Newsletter from UllisWelt.

So lots of fun exploring UlisWelt.


03. April 2003

There is now war in Iraq since two weeks. An unknown number of uninvolved people have been killed or wounded. Different sources anounce different numbers of killed soldiers, whom shall you believe?

Today i got the URL of an american Website, showing pics of the killed american soldiers, all under the headline:

Without the Armed Forces of the United States of America, we would not have the freedom we enjoy today...

I am sorry about your death, but sorry, you didn´t die for the freedom of the US. Not for the freedom of humans that cried for help in their fight for their freedom.

Your death served only the avarice for power of rigid-intimate, corrupt politician, whose election is at least doubtful and whose connections to the oil and weapon industry are too obvious.

Many of you were not even killed by the "enemy", they are victims of "friendly fire", a cause of death, which exists since war exist according to Donald Rumsfeld and which is unavoidable.

Where is the web page, which shows the pictures of the killed civilians, children, women and men?

It does not exist, since these humans apparently are so unimportant, that their pictures, if there are any at all, are not published anywhere.

Where are the weapons of massdestruction so often quoted by the Bush administration? So far nothing was found and I hopes that there are none.

If Saddam has nevertheless still poisonous gas, then he will certainly use it within the next days, as a dog driven into the tightness, that bites without consideration for losses. That would mean however the death of further innumerable civilians, who cannot resist with protective clothing against invisible death.

Also these dead ones are added that ones Bush will be accountable ane day, because he did not leave a chance to the UN inspectors, the weapons of massdestruction, if Saddam has them still, to find and destroy.

A thoughtfully


To view this Page properly you need a Webbrowser that has Java ™ and frames enabled. If you do not see the Menue on the left side, please click here for frameless viewing.

Stoppt Bush - No war 18th of March 2003

There are only 28 hours left to a very probable beginning of war in the Iraq. The cowboy president made of Texas, already again such a legend, he was born in New Haven, Connecticut, who plays here the role as a prosecutor, judge and executioner in one person, steps themselves the peace movement (nearly) of the remaining world with feet.

Humans all over the world are demonstrating for the peace, however do not disturb Bush in the slightest. Nearly all governments of our earth try to find a peaceful solution, but such a solution Bush never was interested in. His only interest is obviously only to put the hands on Iraqi Oil for his friends, family members and promoters from the oil industry. And not only this, the family Bush is also still directly connected with the American weapon industry.

UllisWelt was one of the first Websites where George Walker Bush´s "genious" speeches were published. Meanwhile it is however no longer merry, what Mr. President anounces in such a way and what will be the possible negativ impact of these expressions on world politics and the life and the health of thousands of innocent children, women and men.

As all attempts of high-ranking politicians of all nations to prevent the unreasonable war were unsuccessful, I decided to publish a page with a few links, sometimes seriously, sometimes satirical with the man who will be responsible for the killing of innocent humans.

Think about the things you will find.


11st of March 2003

Only small adjustments have been made, some more pages are now available in Englisch. I added also some additional informations to the "Nigeria Connection".

02nd of March 2003

Yesterday we visited the Carneval in Bratislava. Some pics are here.

Lots of fun by taking a look at them.

Best wishes from Bratislava


01st of March 2003

Last time I added a page about Hoaxes and Chain Letters. This time I wanted to publish a letter, commonly known as "Nigeria Connection" to my HomePage.

I found this in my e-mail yesterday and I decided to publish it instead of deleating.

The same offer as always to become a rich man without work.

Lots of fun by reading the "offer".

Best wishes from Bratislava


So, come back again soon, to see what happened in UllisWelt. The easiest way to keep informed is the Newsletter from UllisWelt. Abonnents get the information about updates at once.

If you have any remarks or ideas for this page, do not hesitate to send me an e-mail.

Best wishes

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