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Our 5th Day of Holiday Part 1

Philae, Aswan, Obelisk, Souk and Nubian Village

Today waking is again at 6:30. To the breakfast around half eight with the bus to the temple of Isis, the Philae Temple, which lies on an island in the Nassr lake. It was relocated from its old place, which shifts island Philae, on this island, since otherwise it would have been accessible for divers only. Thus all into a motorboat and to the Philae temple. Here the first advantage of early rising shows up. Only one bus arrived before us there and it is not yet very hot.

Boats ready to bring the tourists to the temple. If one looks at the many boats, then one can imagine, how many Tourists are on Philae in the high season. On the Nassr lake The Philae temple or temple of the Isis at its new location on the island Agilkia The Philae temple or temple of the Isis at its new location on the island Agilkia
Temple remainders in the inner court Der Trajan Kiosk, unfinished however one of the most beautiful parts of the plant Inner court Entrancespylons
Ra-Harokhty, the sun God of the new realm on a column Stone with Inscriptions  capitals in the inner court On the right side of the Pylons from right to the left: Prolomaeus XII. turns to the Gods Horus and Hathor
On the right side of the Pylons from right to the left: Prolomaeus XII turns to the Gods Horus and Hathor Neue Temple citicens Hathortemple The Trajan Kiosk
Outside walls of the plant Stone for sacrifies Reliefs und Hyroglyphs Reliefs
Altar of the Kopts Detail Detail The Trajan Kiosk
Inscibes made by members of the french army Detail The Trajan Kiosk A last view at the plant
Sign of the Aswan Dam

Back from the island it continues. The Aswan dam is the next item on the agenda, an enormous building, which is not to be seized with the camera.

The dam was finished in 1971, is approximately 3.6 km long, 111 m high, at the sole 960 m thick and tapers on 40 m at the crown. It consists of a rubble fill of RD. 43 billion m³ from rubble, crushed stone and sand with a loam seal core and a concrete coat. It forms the conclusion of the Nassr lake, for that with a length of RD. 510 km and width of 5 - 35 km and a surface of 5.300 m² the second largest artificial lake of the world is.

Next part is an Egyptian "perfume factory". The sales show may start. Smells with the maddest Fantasynames were offered. "Ali Baba is the raw material for Hugo Boss...". Everybody gets 4 smelling oils on the hand for trying out. Of cause, pure Essences. I know these oils from Saudi Arabia, there was substantially high-viscosity, correct oils and the smell kept substantially longer. Here fortunately not. At the end of the meeting it smelled after "Tibetani corpse oil". Three or four co-travelers fall nevertheless mad and buy something. The pictures show a small selection of the flacons, which are also sold.

Flakons Flakons Flakons
Flakons Flakons Flakons

Outside in front of the door stands already again a hawker, who offers his bookmarks from "genuine papyrus", only 10 LE for one. He has, like so many different too, no luck. Each still so small shade brings easement

It continues to go into the quarry with the unfinished obelisk. Meanwhile one determines something miss, if at an object of interest no Souk with Touristarticles and hawkers with all possible "Egyptian" statues, papyrus pictures and bookmark, screaming music instruments, Galabeias and cloths were.

The unfinished obelisk would have been the largest obelisk ever provided, 41.45 m high, thatīs approximately one twelve-storey building, and 1,168 tons of weight. During the treatment however tears showed up in the rose granite, therefore the work was broken off.

As the obelisk is also still not finalized, nobody knows, for which temple it was intended at that time.

unfinished Obelisk unfinished  Obelisk unfinished  Obelisk unfinished  Obelisk

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