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Our Last Two Days in Egypt

Nothing Special

As proposed yesterday, our last two days of holiday are only for the recovery and relaxation.

In the morning at the pool, in consideration of our sunburns got at the snorkelling trip, only lying in the shade, a good book, some notes in the diary and thats all.

in the afternoon then we drive by the Shuttleboat to El Gouna and looked there at the quite scenery. The one that looks for excitement will not be successful here.

Surely, everything one needs is there, supermarket, Souveniershops, restaurants, aquarium and museum (unfortunately both are under reconstruction at the moment).

We enjoyed the peace and on this occasion we made also few photos of El a Gouna and our hotel from the waterside.

The Sheraton Miramare The neighboring plant On the way with the Shuttleboat On the way with the Shuttleboat
El Gouna Downtown El Gouna Downtown Tanja on the Shuttleboat Sunset on the last evening from our balcony

The last one of the pictures shows a sunset made on our balcony.

You see, absolutely nothing worth mentioning.

The Hotelbar

In the evening then into that hotel bar, something drunk and the Barkeeper asked, how he reaches the bottles above. With a grin he explains to me that he has a little colleague, who must up-climb there in such cases.

Tomorrow we will travel back to Europe and the weather forecast in the television is not that good.


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