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Our 7 Day of Holiday

Traveling Back from Aswan to Luxor

This morning at about four a. m. the M/S Coral 1 started to bring us back to Luxor. Since, as planned, at about midnight we left, we will not be able not to see the light and sound show in Karnak probably. Would probably nicely been however , if not tan ... . I am already early awake and use the opportunity to photograph the sunrise at the Nile.

Sunrise at the Nile Sunrise at the Nile Sunrise at the Nile Sunrise at the Nile

The day is for relaxation at deck. Nile landscapes pass by.

Fischer in the crack of dawn Nile ship. The mass of the Nile cruises are rather identically, 72 m long and 12 m broad, due to the size of the sluices. At present there are about 75 Nile cruise ships between Luxor and Aswan on the way. Heron colony Graves on the bank of Nile
Graves on the bank of Nile Graves on the bank of Nile Nile landscape Nile landscape
bathing children Cruise ships Feluccas on the banks bathing children
Nile landscape Nile landscape Nile landscape Nile landscape

High point of the today's daily is driving through the Nile sluices of Esna. On the outward bound that happened at night. We have luck. There is only one more ship in front of the sluice.

On the way there we must drive through the old sluice, which is not working any more. This takes a while and is again an opportunity for the "hawkers", to offer us their "goods". They stand on the old sluice and throw their gods accurately on board. They unfortunately surveyed with the fact that with us and the the other travelers the inclination to buy is missing. Therefore nobody catches the high-thrown Galabeia and it lands in the pool.

Tanja tried then to sell the Galabeias to the dealers for 12 Euro but they didnīt like that. We threw the "commodity" sometime then back.

A particularly persistent dealer did it to me. So that we have also something from acting on video, I jumped into the trade around a tablecloth with Egyptian motives including 8 fitting napkins. To use the absolute Kitch and at the most once for a party.

Entrance to the old sluice With personal engagement the commodity is offered there is also still another dress in addition it does not look real madly
No business, how about a carpet On the ship in front of us there is also no interest to buy None wants the Galabeia, therefore the high-thrown falls into the pool More hawkers arrive
Carpetsand table-clothes are offered Ahead into the new slice inside the sluice Leaving the sluice

His price conception is with 60 (270 LE) Euro, my offer with 10 LE. It would fill pages, as is negotiated there. When recognising the fact that we will drive soon by the old sluice his offer is still with 30 LE, my is still with 10. After I offered, in the meantime, already once 15 LE to him, as he does not come close to this, I offered him again 10 LE. We agreed finally at 15 LE. Much too expensive, 5 LE would surely be the Bestprice, but for this conception and as salary for the video it was O. K.

Many travelers cannot understand that it was not the tablecloth, it was simply a fun, which we made ourselves. If I go to the cinema, then I must pay for seeing the action, in which I am however not involved in the film script.

When we are by the sluice, we see, as many Nile ships in opposite direction wait, being sluiced in order toward Aswan. Since only 2 ships fit at the same time into the sluice, it will take still hours, until all these are through.

As one can see in the pictures down, we were besieged only of a few dealers. The ships, which cannot anchor here and disappear so fast, are besieged of an army crowd of dealers in boats.

Waiting Nile ships, at least one dozen are to be seen here. hawkers on boats That is like a siege If the ship is next to the sluice, the dealers change to the next.

At half past seven we arrive at Luxor. For Karnak it is too late. Thus as usual, the day ended at deck and at that hotel bar. Today it is not to become so late, because tomorrow early around half past seven departure and drive on towards Hurghada for the most, for us to El Gouna.

It became then nevertheless still one in the morning. We sit still together with a few travelers from the German travel's group and drink beer and Ouzo and about this and that. It is nevertheless easier, with Germans, "even" if they are from the eastern part, to talk than with "Oesis".


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