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Our 9th day of holiday

Relaxing in the Hotel

Marvelously, finally again well rested. The bell rings at around nine. Time for having breakfast.

The breakfast-buffet is just as well fed as the dinner. An employee is only thereby responsible to press out oranges. A cook is responsible for the eggstation, fried eggs, scrambled eggs and Omelette also added according to own desires. A further prepares only Pancakes

All are somehow always presented to jokes. If one orders a small pancake, then there a Pancake comes into 5 Mark piece size (Euro-coins in this size are not available). He smiles at me and asks whether this is O. K.

The Pool Similar jokes are also made by the waiters, always smiling and merrily. Hardly a table becomes free, there it is prepared new at once. Coffee is available here, as at home, differently than on the M/S Coral 1, there I drank tea only after 2 attempts.
So, everything is well.

The wind decreased already today. Thus relaxing at the pool. Carefully sun-bathing, some rounds in the pool and the requests to the water gyms ignored. Simply relaxing.
At 1 p.m. I try it again in the diving station. I want to visit nevertheless at least once a reef. Since the hotel does not have a "house reef", I am depending on the offered travels of the diving station.

This seems to be the disadvantage with our current travel date, there are obviously not sufficient prospective vacationers. Under eight it is probably not worthwhile itself. So I must probably inquire with another station. there are 5 stations here in El Gouna.

At 16:30 o'clock then our local guide Mohamed appears. His only interest is it to sell further trips to us. We book a snorkel trip for tomorrow's Saturday and for Sunday a desert tour (everything completely privately with Beduins * grind *).

He gave us his mobile number and the one of its representative to us, since his vacation is starting from Monday. But we are not to make ourselves concerns. On next Wednesday we will receive still another note with the return flight data.

Well, then I am nevertheless still enabled to visit the underwater world of Egypt.

After our "guide" disappeared, we make ourselves with the shuttle bus to El Gouna Downtown. The tickets are available only as a package of ten One Way tickets for 10 LE, valid for the bus or the Shuttleboat.

El Gouna is a very small village. We drink ourselves a freshly pressed Fruit-juice-Cocktail, look a little bit around and go back then. It is already time for the dinner.

Dinner is again very good. I regret that I, even with only smallest samples, have not the smallest chance to try something from all. That particularly applies to the dessert-buffet.

To a small round by the hotel plant it is already again time to go into our room.

God night.


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