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Our 11th day of holiday

Desert Tour

Today was to be out-slept times again opportunity. The route is to start at about half past 1 p.m. Landcruiser L/C 70 Strained we wait in the lobby. Surprisingly punctual a Toyota Landcruiser rolls in front of the hotel at the indicated time. On the way to the "Palm Beach" we take up still another pair at the Moevenpick. At the "Palm Beach" already waits a second Landcruiser and 10 further co-travelers.

It goes toward the south and already soon we leave the bitumen road and drive on a Dirttrak into the desert. My fears over the suspension comfort (does not exist) prove to be true. The seats attached with a thin layer of foam material in longitudinal direction do not increase this comfort. Each stone, each meter of wash board runway and each unevenness is passed on fully to the bones. The only one, who has its fun during this travel, is the driver. He enjoys the travel with 80 km/h by the desert, small running with its colleague in the 2. Landcruiser, because who drives in the back, swallows the dust of the preceding endorser. In the distance, also in the photos, a Fata Morgana is to be seen. On half of the distance there is a cigarette break.

Race in the desert Fata Morgana in the background Cigarette break 2 Adverturers in the desert

To approximately 40 kilometres by the desert we arrive at a Bedu-village. No tents! Those are already correct village inhabitants. That are alleged the only Bedus, which accept visitors like us.

If I look around, there is nothing else than the visitors to earn money for costs of living. They depend fully on the tourism. A few camels for the tourists, a few goats and a pigeon tower.

Several "living rooms" are prepared for the Tourists. We sit on the nationalusual banks and listen to the explanations of our guide. Some is right, much is however so coloured by the Muslim view that the nonsense is already nearly ridiculous. Particularly "beautiful" I find his explanation for having several wives, whom the Koran permits. He means that only so each woman receives a man, since the relationship of the male births to the female would be in the Arab countries about 1:4 and continues in Africa up to 1:8. For sure, I imagine, and the earth is a disk.

to the Bedu village Everyone listens to the fairy tales of the guide 2 bedus and a tourist the chief

After one while "Grimms fairy tale from Egypt" we go to the camel riding. Approximately 20 camels are waiting already for us. They make a more maintained impression on me, than those which we have had on the ride to the Nubian village. Also the saddles are more comfortable. Lets go!

come on, camels are waiting Tanja The next ones are arriving

During the ride, which takes at the most 10 minutes, we see already further Landcruiser, apparent the standard model for desert routes at Egypt, arriving. Clearly, tourism is fully organised here.

After the ride it happens, as usual, a small stand in the Bedu-village. It is already amazing, what is offered here. Next door even is a small hut, in which Coke is offered. But we must hurry, the next group finished with the camel riding and comes to the shop.

Weave of carpets Coke in the desert Treasures to sell Did this gun ever shoot?
Everything well for digesting someone baught The village-beauty flatbread on camel muck baked

We look at some of the huts and observe, how three women bake flatbread on a fire from camel muck.

Always behind the guide it continues to direction water hole. That is straight drying. He explains us, that it would fill during the night. I assume rather the fact that the water supply for the village via the hose, which leads from above further at the cliff along toward village and which was only extremely badly hidden, takes place.

Pigeon tower Hut as tent What is the purpose of this hose????? waterhole without water

We must go ahead, because the next group arrives. Do not obstruct even the way back been made by another way mutually. Meanwhile a completely substantial number of jeeps are already in the village. This leads then nevertheless to logistic breakdowns. Our meal, which we are to take now, is not finished yet. Thus again Tschai (tea) in the "living room".

Our guide rouses us. We drive into the desert, in order to observe the sunset. Together with us naturally also the remainder of the visitors. The travel is again only for the drivers a pleasure. We passengers do not endeavor to slam us with running with the head under the roof. Since air condition in the desert means that the windows are far opened, we have the fine desert dust everywhere.

At the gazebo everyone tries to attain a good viewpoint somehow. Tanja naturally climbed with the video camera on the top of a hill. I established myself at the foot of the hill. Hardly the sun disappeared behind the mountains, goes in these degrees of latitude very fast, it goes already back again into the Beduvillage. While driving the sunset is then really romantic with the red coloured sky. Who cares, I have so many sunsets during the last one and a half weeks photographed...

everybody is looking for the best place Tanja at the top of a hill Sunset in the mountains Back to the village

In the village we get finally the BBQ (Barbecue). From the point of taste nothing special, therefore I take myself only a few little things. On the remark of our travel guide, "well, better than in the hotel" I can not pinch "depends on the hotel on". A traveler from the "Palm Beach" who tried to play himself into the foreground is of completely different opinion. I hope only, the meal is not really so bad there.

Bedu-Folkl for tourists, or is it a pray for more tourists? At the end there is also Bedu-folk.

After the meal return trip by the nocturnal desert. At about nine o'clock we are back in the Sheraton. Fast the dust washed by the body and off to dinner. Subsequently, night rest is announced.


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