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Our 8th Day in Egypt

From Luxor to El Gouna

Again in a Konvoi"Punctual" at about eight the bus travel starts. Again in a convoy and again to a large extent by the desert.

As everywhere in the country, Tourists kitch
2 hours later the convoy stoppes at a "Cafeteria". Opportunity for a cold Coke or for those, which have 1 LE small to use the toilet. We buy ourselves 2 Coke and 2 Mars, everything completely favorably, together only 20 LE (4.5 euro).

Who wants can have a ride on a camel After we crossed also the mountains, finally the Red Sea in view. The blue and turquoise are like that, I remember from Saudi Arabia. The travel at the Red Sea continues until Hurgada.

We are now already glad that we made our booking not here. Hurgada is an enormous building site.

In Hurghada the bus brings us to the office of ISIS Travel, which makes the management and the travel line here for Taurus in Egypt. We become acquainted with our new guide, Mohamed. He explains us that we are brought with a taxi to < A href=" "target="_blank">El Gouna, while the remainder is brought in the bus to the plant Palm Beach by the travel company . Mohamed will visit us tomorrow afternoon.

And it still drives
What matters, we are already grown up and until tomorrow we will have found our own way. The taxi is a genuine flying Sakopharg, thats how the taxes in this country are called, because, if an accident happens, then there is each quantity dead ones. In Germany one would have difficulties to become get rid of such a thing at a scrap iron place. An age-old Peugeot 504 with steering column chang and a bench seat in front. It is surely already 30 - 35 years old. Only the horn, the most important construction unit of a car in Egypt, functions outstanding. The interior lighting and the seat belt catch

The travel leads approximately 22 km past by Hurghada and the Palm Beach, where our Austrian co-travelers live, encircled by building sites, to the north.

A look at El Gouna

El Gouna makes already at first sight a very good impression. Nearly all departments and hotels lie on separate islands. Our hotel Sheraton Miramare on 9 islands. Everything is green, loosened up and very maintained. Here we lived

With a trolley one brings us and our luggage to the house, in which our room 4321 is located. When occurring we both are pleasantly surprised. The room looks in such a way, as it is described in the InterNet. However the bath is nearly as large as our cab on the ship. The balcony, approximately 3.5 x of 4.5 meters is just as large.

Our room

The room is actually already pleasantly largely and also the bed with 2 x 2 meters is something different than the separate beds on the Coral 1.

View of the corridor in the room After a refreshing shower we saunter by the plant, in order to make us familiar with the locations. Everything is accordingly extensive.

Today prevail a rigid wind, those lets the heat well bear, makes rather jerky the sea in addition. My attempt with the diving station to book a snorkel tour does not have a success. Allegedly too windy. I am to inquire tomorrow again.

We have lunch with the "Italian", a restaurant on the area directly at the pool. We tried ourselves a Pizza and 2 beer. The price for the pizza is comparably with Europe and the beer with 15,30 LE also not too expensive.

In the evening we enjoy the Buffet in the hotel. The selection is enormous. Six cooks prepare the meals in front of the eyes of the guests. The number of salads is difficult-to-understand and the Dessert-buffet would have actually under punishment to be placed. Fortunately we are here only for one week. Otherwise surely new clothes would be needed in at least one size more.

Tired from the trips of the last week we enered exhausted our room. Still looked a little bit of German TV , something read and already the eyesare closed.


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