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Our 10th Day of Holiday

Under Water

After the breakfast fast the diving things packed and into the lobby and on the promised bus to the "Palm Beach Resort", where the trip will start, waited. The bus is to fetch us here at 10:15 o'clock. Who as usual is not punctual, it is the bus.

About five minutes after 10:30 I call then Mohamed, our guide. By the voice to judge I woke him up. Yes, he wants to take care of this. But if the bus is not there within ten minutes, then we do not need to wait any longer, as generous. I ask him to call me if he experienced something. "does not go no, no, then I must call to Germany, as you have a German mobile!"

What an idiot. I called him with my German mobile at roaming-tariff, seems to not a matter of interest to him.

Direct after the call, the bus arrived. "Lasted longer, on the way there was radar control." The one who believes becomes blessed. On the travel to the "Palm Beach", which lasted under adherence to the speed limit from 90 km/h only 20 minutes, thus less like the delay, I noticed no radar control. Also a call from Mohamed to the bus driver did not take place.

In the "Palm Beach" there are also some "Oesis"(Austrians) from our travel's group and wait for the departure. Within 5 minutes, at eleven, we will start. That is promises to us by the guide. < br>
At about quarter past eleven still nothing is to be seen from the bus. Our guide apparently does not consider it as necessary to inform us. After he is addressed by Tanja and other travelers, he talks about to the fact that the bus is broken and a spare bus will come. In a quarter hour.Submarine Sindbad, allegedly the one and only submarine in Egypt

We use the opportunity and book for Monday a diving tour with a submarine.

Waiting for the fins The quarter hour was then nevertheless 30 minutes and the bus, which comes, is also still too small for all. The remainder must crimp them into a rented car.
After over 40 km travel direction south we arrive at the boat, who does not have own fins and mask gets them at the diving station and the travel goes on to the first reef. Our guide assured us that the 2 hours, which we lost, are retrieved on the boat.

Nikonos V Here some remarks on the photos. They were all made with a "Semi-professionell" equipment (Nikonos V with submarine flash).

Who wants to make underwater photos for the first time, he shall surely buy the one-way cameras with waterproof housing (until 5-10 m). Here it is to be noted, that the pictures up to one meter depth suffer only from the fact that these cameras have a sharpness range, which starts at 1 m. The small fishes, which are usually to be found in this depth, are then represented only as small multicoloured points. Photographs starting from 1 m depth of water become colourless, starting from 4-5 meters of depth are actually only bluish.

Who wants to make more photos, I advise to a "all-weather camera". These are waterproof depending upon type and manufacturer, to at least 10 m and have an inserted flashlight. Besides they have also still another attitude for close-ups to 1 m, so that the fish appear also larger on the picture.

The first reef is not interesting, determines 60 - 70 % of the corrals are dead. The number and the diversity of species of fish are accordingly small. The next reef looks also only a little bit better.

Kugelkopf Papageienfisch Blauer Segelflossendoktorfisch Blauer Segelflossendoktorfisch Tabak Falterfisch
Rotmeer Fahnenbarsch Irisierender Kardinalbarsch Masken Papageifisch Rotfleck Falterfisch
Lippfisch Zitronengelbe Demoiselle Rotbrust Lippfisch Lippfische
Lippfisch Segelflosssen Doktorfisch Lippfisch Haremsfahnenfisch, Anthias, manche Quellen meinen, das Rote meer hätte seinen Namen nach diesen überall zahlreich anzutreffenden Fischen
Squirrelfisch Blauer Segelflossendoktorfisch Rotmeerpicassodrücker Segelflosssen Doktorfisch
Maskenfalterfisch Gelbklingen Doktorfisch

Lunchtime is on a "lonely" island. Here we anchor to together with 5 other ships. None knows, what will be the next. The "guide" is not to be seen anywhere. First hopeful remarks assume it was left at the last reef. I assume rather that he is and sleeps under deck. Since none of the crew speaks English, I ask in Arab: "Mudir fi?" (where is the manager?). As I assumed, he lies in the small cab and sleeps.

Zweifarb-Schwalbenschwanz mit Riesenmuschel Haremsfahnenfische Haremsfahnenfische
Maskenkugelfisch Haremsfahnenfische Indopazifischer Sergeant, Sergeant-Major
Papageienfisch Rostpapageienfisch Haremsfahnenfische
Haremsfahnenfische Indipazifischer Sergeant Maskenfalterfisch
Chevron-Falterfisch Papageienfisch Blaugepunkteter Zackenbarsch

The next reef is again better, plentifully fish, a Muray and even a water turtle.

Dreibinden Preußenfische Indopazifischer Sergeant Seeschildkröte Seeschildkröte, sie war schneller als ich
Seeschildkröte Seeschildkröte Seeschildkröte, erstaunlich, mit welcher Leichtigkeit sie durch das Wasser fliegt Flötenfische
Einflecken-Schnapper Tabak Falterfisch

On the way back we have then also still dolphins at the boat. I would have gone gladly into the water, but our "guide" does not let us. Nevertheless the route became still completely good.

Delphine Delphine Delphine

Until we are back to the hotel, is already again dinnertime. Enjoyed thus fast shower, dressed and again the Buffet.

Thus, good night, tomorrow the desert route waits for us.


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